Do plastic straws contain BPA?

I have been using straws to sip my hot (black) tea for many years now, as i’m addicted to tea and usually have 3 to 4 cups a day. Because i drink so many cups, my teeth tend to get stained easily, until i discovered that if i was to sip my tea with a straw, the staining doesn’t occur as much. In any case, a friend was over on the weekend and noticed the straw in my tea cup and was shocked that i used a plastic straw in my hot tea. He was concerned about the potential of BPA being leeched out from the straw into my hot tea, which brought up a good question. Do plastic straws contain BPA? I went online to find that most straws are made from Polyproylene (#5) which according to Safe Mama is a BPA free plastic. So i was relieved and also called the straw manufacturer to confirm that the straws i use are in fact made from Polyproylene (#5) and they confirmed that they were. So for those parents who were curious or cautious about the use of plastic straws, it’s good to know that Polyproylene is a considered a safe plastic. For those parents who would like to stay clear of all plastics, we do carry some great silicone straws designed for the Iplay Aqua Bottles but they could be used everyday in a regular glass or cup too. These silicone straws are dishwasher safe in the top rack and a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws.


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3 Responses to “Do plastic straws contain BPA?”

  1. tracie Says:

    Thanks so much! I have had the same concern about my daily habit of using straws in hot tea/coffee, also to avoid staining 🙂

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  3. marymorris Says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I’ve been drinking hot coffee and tea with plastic straws for years but the BPA factor only just occurred to me (d’oh!), so I am very grateful to you for being way ahead of me on this!

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